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Ingredients Used in Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki generally serves Japanese cuisine, so expect the menu to be full of Asian ingredients. Popular Japanese dishes at Teppanyaki table restaurants include:

• Okonomiyaki (a delicious pancake made with wheat flour and various meats and vegetables).
• Yakioba (wheat noodles fried with oyster sauce, meat, and chopped vegetables).
• Monjayaki (chopped ingredients mixed with a thin batter).

More Western ingredients found in teppanyaki include roast beef, pork, chicken, lamb and shellfish, which are seasoned and cooked with a small amount of oil. More high-end teppanyaki table restaurants can offer Wadama or Kobe beef. In addition to vegetables, chefs can also use Asian condiments such as noodles and soy sauce.


Teppanyaki Dishes | Price of Teppanyaki Restaurants


Price of Teppanyaki Table Restaurants

The price of the Teppanyaki experience depends on the price range of the restaurant. For example, a mid-range teppanyaki buffet may cost less than US$20 per person for a set meal, but if you are going to a high-end teppanyaki restaurant like Benihana, the bill for two is expected to be around US$70 to US$80. It also depends on whether you are going to Teppanyaki, offering fixed prices for meals or if you are going to a restaurant that you can eat.

Part of the Teppanyaki experience is watching the chef entertain you while cooking. So, in addition to the bill, your chefs may be tipped on the basis of the waiters and waitresses serving you. A 15% tip is the lowest tip I pay for standard services, but you may want to pay more, depending on how good you think you are.

However, if you come across a teppanyaki restaurant in Japan, it is best not to leave a tip. In Japanese culture, tipping is considered an insult because it gives the message that you think your chef is not making enough money. It also insulted their honor to work for good work rather than for money. If your chef is an authentic Japanese chef, they may refuse your tip.


What to Expect

Not all teppanyaki restaurants entertain guests with over-the-top performances. So, if you want your chef to fiddle with your food or with their knives, you may be disappointed when the chef offers an artistic method of cooking. To understand how they treat customers, it’s best to read reviews so you can know what kind of service they want.

Some teppanyaki restaurants can ask small groups to share a table and be served by a chef. You don’t need to be friends with other people, but being polite at the table can prevent you from spoiling their teppanyaki experience.

Not all food will be prepared in front of you. Some teppanyaki table restaurants offer sushi, soup, or salad appetizers in the back of the kitchen. What is prepared in front of you is usually a main course or a dish that can be roasted or fried.

In general, teppanyaki is a great way to experience different kinds of dishes, while being regarded as an entertaining chef cooking your food.