Teppanyaki Cooking | 8 basic cooking methods for teppanyaki equipment

The basic cooking method of teppanyaki equipment. Friends who have eaten teppanyaki know that there are many kinds of teppanyaki menu, such as roast meat, pasta, fried rice, stir-fry, steamed vegetables, etc. These ingredients are actually cooked differently, and the tools that can be used to achieve them are There is only one type, which is hibachi equipment. So how do you cook so much through a teppanyaki machine? Let's take a look at the basic cooking methods of teppanyaki grill table equipment.


Common cooking method of teppanyaki equipment

1. Frying: This method should be the most common. The method is to put oil on the iron plate, put the ingredients on the heat, and use the tool to press to help the raw material to be quickly cooked. Example: fried steak, fried lamb chops.

2. Flame: the flame technique is a cooking method that simmers white wine on the ingredients, ignites, and makes the ingredients fragrant, the wine is overflowing and the appreciation is extremely high.

3. Fry: This cooking method is similar to the ordinary frying method, which is to put oil on the iron plate, and then put the ingredients into frying. Example: Iron plate fried rice.

4. Stew: After the fried ingredients, add some water, cover, and cook until cooked. Example: Teppanyaki prawns.

5. Steaming: Add water to the iron plate, then cover and steam. This cover will cover the water on the iron plate with the dish, and open the lid every few minutes and add water again. Example: Goose liver steamed egg.

6. Bake: Pour oil into the iron plate. After the oil has fully moistened the iron plate, remove the excess oil, put the ingredients, and heat until cooked.

7. Stew: Use a tin foil to make a simple small box, add the soup, put in the raw materials, and put the tin tray on the iron plate in the fire area.

8. Quick-fry: Heat the raw materials on the iron plate, adjust the juice in the low temperature area, pour the prepared sauce on the raw materials, and quick turn over a few times.


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