Smokeless Teppanyaki Grill Table Cooking Skills

Among the teppanyaki equipment, the smokeless teppanyaki table is the most widely sold because it is smokeless, so it is popular among people. But it is not so easy to grill food with smokeless iron plate. How can you cook delicious food? Cookeryaki Commercial Hotel Teppanyaki Grill Table provides us with some tips.


First, in choosing materials, we need to choose those fresh meat and vegetables.


Secondly, it should be noted that when cooking, the appropriate amount of various seasoning ingredients should be marinated on the fresh meat for about 8 minutes, and then worn with bamboo sticks to be baked.


Cookeryaki Teppanyaki hibachi grill table is a special reminder: before roasting meat, you must pay attention to the humidity of the meat. When the meat can absorb the spice without falling, it is the best cooking state; if the spice has water flow, it will lose its taste; if it is too dry, it will consume a lot of oil.


In summary, controlling moisture is a very important prerequisite. Cookeryaki Teppanyaki also provides us with some tips on roasting vegetables. Before roasting, it is necessary to lay the dressed vegetables flat, and then use a spoon to spread the prepared spices evenly on the vegetables. When putting spices, you need to pay attention to their dosage to avoid too much too little. Finally, use a brush dipped in oil to brush the vegetables evenly before roasting.


Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Cooking Skills