Several factors affecting the price of Teppanyaki grill table?

At present, the prices of teppanyaki equipment on the market are relatively confusing. For users who are new to it, it can be described as confusing. Cookeryaki, as a teppanyaki equipment manufacturer, has several effects on the price of teppanyaki equipment In terms of, give consumers a reference.

The Price Of Hibachi Grill Table is first related to the heating method: there are currently several heating methods such as gas, electric heating tube, electric aluminum plate, electromagnetic, etc., the price increases in sequence, and the performance also increases in sequence. To ask what kind of heating method is specific, electric heating includes three methods, and the price varies greatly.

The second is the material and specifications of the Japanese restaurant electric 1.6M Teppanyaki Grill Table: the material and thickness of the teppanyaki are particularly important, and they are comparable only if they are the same material and thickness; the second is the skeleton and surrounding edges of the teppanyaki equipment; Stainless steel prices vary widely.

Furthermore, the smoke exhaust purification configuration: fans, purifiers, water circulation, ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection, activated carbon deodorization and other purification equipment are very different, domestic and imported are two or three times worse, so you must understand clearly when buying, Avoid being fooled.

In short, do n’t just listen to the price, do n’t ask about the quality; you should choose a reasonable best teppanyaki grill for home Manufacturers according to your actual situation, and do n’t pursue low prices.


Several factors affecting the price of Teppanyaki grill table?