Precautions for Using Teppanyaki Table Equipment

Is the use of teppanyaki equipment dangerous?

There should be a lot of people paying attention to this issue. After all, the topic related to personal safety is always worthy of attention. No matter whether it is used now or not, there is always no harm in it. Maybe it is because of these things that are not normally used. Knowledge saves one's life. Teppanyaki is a kind of food that enjoys both visual and taste. If there is an accident in this process, it will be too tragic.

Teppanyaki table equipment is a fashionable eating device that is currently used in a variety of food and beverage industries, such as common Japanese food, or French cuisine. The main material of the teppanyaki equipment is alloy steel, stainless steel or pig iron. The burner has an electric furnace, a natural gas furnace, a pipeline gas furnace, a bottled gas furnace, etc., and has a horseshoe shape, an elliptical shape, a semicircular shape, an arch shape, a rectangular shape, and a fan shape. The specific shape can be obtained according to the requirements of the guests. In China, Chinese teppanyaki, on the basis of enjoying the original taste, added some spices, according to their own taste, to produce different flavors of teppanyaki. It is also very popular among most people in China.

Teppanyaki grill equipment manufacturers say that teppanyaki equipment is smoke-free, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe, but it cannot be blindly believed. Not to mention, recently, a big-fish teppanyaki restaurant has caused a gas fire due to gas leakage. The blast has hurt the tragedy of the diners, so this issue deserves our attention.

Teppanyaki is developing very rapidly, and it can be seen everywhere in the world. Teppanyaki is not so single. It is ok to do whatever it wants. It is mainly because you like it. You think it is delicious. It is delicious. Teppanyaki. The teppanyaki equipment is indispensable for the production of teppanyaki. Nowadays, the people who make teppanyaki are not just some people who do business. More and more people buy teppanyaki equipment and make their own delicious teppanyaki.


Introduce the main features Teppanyaki equipment

After all, in order to better understand the attention, following on the Cookeryaki teppanyaki equipment as an example of it:

1. Teppanyaki equipment is integrated, integrated, without assembly and disassembly. The internal structure mainly includes: A. Main thermal system; B. thermal insulation system; C. fire protection system; D. exhaust gas treatment system; E. double fume treatment system.

2. Teppanyaki heating method: heating gas (gas, liquefied gas, natural gas) or using tubular heating wire to heat.

3, the difference between the use of gas and electricity in teppanyaki: First, the advantage of using gas is gas province, easy to operate, and long service life, and no maintenance rate. The advantages of using electricity, electricity parameters: 380V/220 V power 3KW/6 KW/9 KW, if you want to use electric heating, each need to add 2500 yuan temperature control device costs, temperature control system, the chef is more convenient to operate .

4. The teppanyaki countertop material is made of imported alloy steel with a thickness of 20-25mm. The material is not deformed and does not change color.

5, the exhaust system needs 1500 ~ 2000m3 / h air volume, the air duct is connected to the outside, to adapt to local conditions. If the wind pipe is inconveniently arranged at the site, a fume purifier and a fan can be installed inside the equipment to replace the air duct, and the purification rate is over 95%.

6, the exterior decoration of the equipment can be decorated according to the style and grade of the store.

7, the product is easy to operate, good use, easy to clean, so that you are more comfortable when cooking.


schematic diagram of teppanyaki decomposition


Precautions for using a teppanyaki table:

The safety of Cookeryaki Teppanyaki equipment is definitely qualified, after all, it has passed the certification of international quality management.

The first point of using teppanyaki equipment is to use it carefully;

Secondly, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance. After all, it is a mechanical device. If it is not well maintained, it will cause various problems in the parts of the equipment. The mechanical equipment in question is more or less dangerous. Therefore, pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. Is also one of the keys;

Then again, the iron plate of teppanyaki is high temperature, which is harmful, I believe everyone understands.
Therefore, although teppanyaki equipment has avoided many previous dangers, is safer and more environmentally friendly, it still needs to be taken care of, and must be carefully used in order to achieve a smokeless and healthy Teppanyaki table.


How much is Japanese Teppanyaki grill table equipment?

From 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of RMB, like other mechanical equipment, expensive and cheap, mainly depends on the materials, technology, performance and customer requirements. Of course, it's not as cheap as a street-style snack car. You can do it with just a few hundred pieces.


Teppanyaki table equipment