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Teppanyaki grill equipment is equipment and machinery used to process Teppanyaki food. Japanese Teppanyaki, French Teppanyaki, French Teppanyaki, Japanese Teppanyaki, Western food, fancy Teppanyaki, etc. can be made according to the characteristics of Teppanyaki. Teppanyaki, also known as "pre-table cuisine", the chef faces the guests face to face, and the highly skilled chefs perform live. The guests watch the chefs turn the ingredients into dishes as if they are watching a magic trick.


The safety issue of Teppanyaki grill equipment was once highlighted by the media. Teppanyaki restaurants also paid more attention to the selection of Teppanyaki grill equipment. They created an environmentally friendly and energy-saving electromagnetic disk heating system that can heat to 350 degrees Celsius in 3 minutes. Special steel plates Processing technology, CE-certified high-voltage electrostatic oil fume purifier, silent fan, and matching gold tempered glass and marble countertop decoration. At the same time, the heating plate with negative ion generation technology can effectively reduce the oxidation of food due to heating during cooking, so that the protein and nutrients in the food are fully preserved to achieve a truly healthy and environmentally friendly smokeless Teppanyaki. While product innovation, we also pay attention to strict quality management, such as special treatment of steel plates, quenching treatment, flame cutting, water jet cutting, planer processing, grinding and surface polishing treatment, punching processing, control wiring, Anti-rust and anti-paint treatment, installation, performance testing, inspection and packaging processes.

With the continuous development of society and the gradual improvement of living conditions, people's dietary requirements are also changing with each passing day. Because "Teppanyaki" dishes are authentic and pure in taste, and you can witness the chef's operations and taste them freshly baked, the "Teppanyaki" craze has quietly started all over the world. Are you tempted by such delicious Teppanyaki? Do you need such a good Teppanyaki grill equipment?