Japanese Teppanyaki Hibachi Grill Product Introduction

Teppanyaki heating method

1. Gas heating
Coal gas: 9’ calorific value 10,000, gas consumption 2.28 cubic meters per hour
Liquefied gas: 9' calorific value 8500 gas consumption 0.60 kg per hour
Natural gas: 9’ calorific value 10,000, gas consumption 0.8 cubic meters per hour

2. Electric heating tube heating
Electricity parameters: 380V/50HZ, power 8KW, three-phase five-wire system

3. Electromagnetic disk heating
Electricity parameters: 380V/50HZ, power 8KW, three-phase five-wire system


Teppanyaki countertop material: The Teppanyaki countertop material is made of imported alloy steel with a thickness of 20mm. The material will not deform or discolor.


The processing process of the countertop is: heat treatment - planing - grinding. The bottom of the countertop does not need to be processed. After special heat treatment, the countertop reaches a certain temperature in a short time.



Internal structure:

A. Main heating system:
Gas: 9-inch cast iron burner, the teppanyaki temperature is controlled by the gas switch, the main heat range is 500mm×500mm.
Electric heating: Use electric heating tubes or electromagnetic disks for heating, and the temperature controller controls the temperature of the Teppanyaki. The main heating range is 600mm×400mm.
B. Insulation system: The area outside the main heat is the insulation system. Its temperature is controlled below 100 degrees. It is humanized and designed to avoid safety hazards caused by curious customers touching the teppan table.
C. Fire prevention system: The function of preventing open flames from entering the exhaust duct and eliminating potential safety hazards caused by open flames.
D. Exhaust gas treatment system: allows the exhaust gas inside the equipment to be circulated and discharged normally.
E. Dual oil fume treatment system: The equipment has its own filter and oil collection drawer to prevent a large amount of oil from entering the pipe and dripping directly into the oil collection drawer.


Japanese Teppanyaki Hibachi Grill Equipment decoration: It can be decorated according to the decoration style and grade of your own store or made by our company. The decorative countertop can be made of natural black gold sand marble or tempered glass (gold sand sprayed on the back), and stainless steel wood grain veneer can be used on three sides (color optional) or Ebony trim.