Japanese Teppanyaki Grill Table Equipment - Commercial Electric Griddle

Japanese Teppanyaki grill table equipment is an emerging fashionable catering equipment, which is used in many catering industries, such as Japanese cuisine, French cuisine, Korean cuisine, etc. It has the characteristics of smokeless barbecue, no warping and deformation, the board surface is as bright as ytterbium, and it is always clean and hygienic.

Japanese Teppanyaki table equipment is integrated, integrated, and requires no assembly or disassembly.

Teppan plate material: The teppan plate countertop material is made of imported alloy steel with a thickness of 20-25mm. The material does not deform or discolor. There are also alloy steel, stainless steel, pig iron and other materials for customers to choose from.

Working principle of the product: Heating by gas (coal gas, liquefied gas, natural gas) or using tubular electric heating wire, and the temperature of the Teppanyaki is controlled by a gas switch or thermostat.

Electricity parameters: 380V/220 V power 3KW/6 KW/9 KW.

Japanese electromagnetic heating Teppanyaki grill table is the highest level of dining in Japanese cuisine. It is different from Chinese barbecue and Korean barbecue. Eating Japanese Teppanyaki is a symbol of wealth and status. Teppanyaki grills and matures ingredients directly on a hot plate. These ingredients cannot be marinated and processed in advance. Instead, they are quickly cooked and matured on a high-heat teppan plate to retain their own nutrition and taste. Since the ingredients cannot be marinated and processed in advance, the requirements for raw materials are quite high, such as sirloin beef, filet mignon, beef ribs, cod, scallops, foie gras, etc.

The internal structure mainly includes: A. Main heating system B. Insulation system C. Fire protection system D. Exhaust gas treatment system E. Dual oil fume treatment system.

Shapes include: horseshoe, oval, semicircle, arch, rectangle, fan, etc. The specific shape can be made according to the customer's requirements.

Stove options are available: electric stove, natural gas stove, pipe gas stove, bottled gas stove, etc.