Instructions for use of electric heating tubes and electric teppanyaki grill table

1. Turn on the main power switch.

2. Turn on the power switch, fan switch, oil fume purifier switch, and heating switch on the "Teppanyaki grill table" in sequence.

3. PV displays the current temperature, SV displays the set temperature, and the green light displays heating.

4. Press the * key to move the digit, press the Bian key to increase the temperature, press the up key to decrease the temperature, and set the temperature within a range of ±5 degrees.

5. SE Ding setting parameters (already set before leaving the factory).

6. The optimal operating temperature of "Teppanyaki grill" is 250 degrees.

7. To turn off the "Teppanyaki table", you should first turn off the "heating" switch, then turn off the fan switch and oil fume purifier switch in sequence, and then turn off the power switch after 1 minute.


1. Do not use jet water for cleaning; if the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by professionals from the manufacturer, its maintenance department or similar departments.

2. Users wearing pacemakers should consult with the manufacturer before operating the device. Other "Notes" and "Warnings" are "same as above".