How to clean the oil fume purifier of Teppanyaki grill table equipment?

1. Use the key provided with the oil fume purifier to open the main unit door and enter the electrical control box of the appliance.

2. Turn off and confirm that the power of the "teppanyaki grill table equipment" is turned off.

3. Please use a screwdriver to unscrew the fixing screws of the electrode plate.

4. Pull out the filter and plate carefully, being careful not to use too much force to avoid damaging the plate and the components on the plate.

5. Please pour hot water into the prepared cleaning container until it is 70% full. Equipped with plate cleaning fluid.

6. Soak the electrode plate in the cleaning solution. When cleaning for the first time, it is recommended that the soaking time should not exceed 10 minutes. If the electrode plate is too dirty, the soaking time can be extended appropriately.

7. Take the soaked plate out of the water and let it air dry naturally, or use a tool with a temperature not exceeding 100 degrees to dry it.

8. Wipe the inside of the purifier clean with a cotton cloth and remove debris. Such as around the purifier, around the oil drain hole, etc.

9. Correctly install the dried plates back into the purifier as they were when the plates were extracted, tighten the screws with the provided D-shaped handle or use the special handle lock handle to close and lock the electric control box and purifier.

Note: It is forbidden to open the oil fume purifier while the power is on, as there is a danger of high voltage.