How to clean a teppanyaki table?

1. After using the "Teppanyaki table", when the temperature drops to 30-50 degrees, use a small amount of salad oil and place it on the countertop, and wipe it with a scouring pad until the brightness appears. The Teppanyaki will be shiny after a week under normal conditions.

2. After cleaning the Teppanyaki countertop, apply a small amount of salad oil to protect the countertop.

3. The slag-receiving drawer and slag-receiving port must be cleaned every day after each business end.

4. Unscrew the four bolts on the bolt-shaped holes on the panel, pull out the filter, use cleaning fluid to clean the oil stains on the louvers, re-fix the bolts after cleaning, and clean it every three months.

5. Pull out the oil collection drawer on the operating surface, pour out the oil filtered in the oil collection drawer, clean it with cleaning fluid and then install it. Clean it once a week.

Note: The Teppanyaki grill table must be sealed with oil when it is idle for a long time.