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Hibachi Table Restaurant Express Business


Are you interested in starting a profitable small business? We have installed our tables in more than 200 restaurants around the world, and we have the expertise to provide you with advice every step of the way.

Since the sharp economic recession, high-priced (or high-standard) restaurants around the world have been greatly affected. In the past 2-3 years, the total number of restaurants has been declining, which also shows another fact: the number of people choosing to eat out is also decreasing. However, Cooking Yaki believes that the current situation is an opportunity for restaurants with arbitrary pricing, thinking that the reduction of restaurants is mainly concentrated in high-standard groups.

For a long time, the famous Hibachi food, also known as Teppanyaki food, has been positioned as a high-priced group in restaurants. Many people use Hibachi Steak House as a place to celebrate special occasions or anniversaries. The main idea of ​​our restaurant start-up business is to provide customers with delicious Hibachi food at a more reasonable price, in the form of a takeaway business, rather than placing tables and chairs for customers.



There are three plans available to customers, each of which can be flexibly adapted to your situation.


Hibachi Express


Hibachi Express

A small-scale restaurant layout that specializes in fast-style Express-Style business. Customers can walk in and buy high-quality hibachi food at a reasonable price that cannot be achieved in a standard hibachi table restaurant.


Country Style Hibachi Table Restaurant


Country Style

A medium-sized restaurant layout, customers will be able to enjoy the Express-Style and Eat-In service. The interior will be divided into two areas to provide a comfortable atmosphere for customers who choose to eat in the restaurant.


Hibachi Table Restaurants


Hibachi Table Restaurants

A large restaurant layout, in this case refers to the standard eating style Hibachi table restaurant. All customers will enjoy food at our Hibachi table installed.



Service Details


Construction Planning

Don't spend your time calculating how much everything will cost. Cookoyaki will propose the most affordable plan for construction and other basic projects.



Restaurant Design

After discussing the design attributes in detail with the client, Cookoyaki's architects will create a layout to eliminate additional trouble.


Human Resources

Human resources are one of the most important factors for restaurant success. From chefs to waiters, culinary arts can introduce the right people to the right place. Is there anyone in your kitchen? We can also provide training for upcoming Hibachi chefs.


And More!

After all, all the packages offered here are to help every customer who wants to open a restaurant. The purpose of this is to make the program easier for the owner, so each package is highly customizable to suit each owner's situation.