Downdraft Smokeless Hibachi BBQ Table

Cookeryaki's Smokeless Teppanyaki BBQ Table is one that our customers really like to use. As all our models are equipped with Downdraft system, we can offer a variety of models to meet the needs of our customers.

Like our smokeless Hibachi table, the smokeless barbecue table places an air duct under the table to pull the smoke from the cooking process out of the dining room without disturbing people in the room. Therefore, there is no need to use a head cover when installing our table, so that the restaurant can design the interior decoration freely. Most importantly, the smokeless Hibachi table is healthy, safe, affordable and easy to maintain. Smoking will no longer be a health problem for your cooks and customers. Fumes no longer bother or stick to clothes. Your customers will be able to enjoy a real dinner in a smoke-free environment.


Exhaust Pipe Design

The most important consideration in the overall system design is the optimal and most appropriate exhaust pipe design for the site to achieve the B.B.Q. table. When and if grilling is required for every barbecue, it will lead to rapid dehydration of grilling food and more loss of air conditioning. The static state, air volume and air speed of the table were improperly adjusted, ignoring the site conditions. However, at Cookeryaki, we take these considerations seriously when installing Smokeless B.B.Q. Your table in the dining room.

In addition, a table with the B.B.Q. centered on the exhaust pipe must be correct and precise to place the barbecue. The table is in the planned position.

The B.B.Q. workbench unit is connected to the duct by a "connection drum" and can use the built-in spring in the drum to eliminate elevation and center differences.


Option To


Desktop Material

Granite, red oak, cherry, maple plywood, etc. There may be an additional charge. For more information, please refer to our desktop materials page or call our office.


What items do I include when buying a table from Cookeryaki?

The above prices include Formica (plastic laminate) desktops, Griddle and smokeless Hibachi units. For the Formica desktop, you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns.


What is not included in the price?

Excluding exhaust pipe, exhaust fan and fire protection system. Please place an order with your local licensed construction company. No overhead hood will be required with our innovative new downdraft system. The unlimited design provides a comfortable and pleasant dining atmosphere! If you have any questions or concerns about our smokeless Hibachi table, please feel free to contact us at our office or through the consultation form on our website.


Downdraft Smokeless Hibachi BBQ Table