Determination Of The Direction of The Exhaust Vent Of The Teppanyaki Equipment

The reasonable installation of the exhaust pipe of Teppanyaki equipment is a very important issue. Unreasonable installation will hinder the space of the restaurant, reduce the number of seats, and even reduce the consumer experience and affect consumers' dining, thus causing significant losses to the restaurant. Below, Cookeryaki will share with you the installation method of the exhaust vents of the teppanyaki equipment.


Determination Of The Direction of The Exhaust Vent Of The Teppanyaki Equipment


1. Confirm the direction of the exhaust vent according to the floor plan and confirm the trend of the exhaust duct.

2, the decoration team is finished, the teppanyaki wall enters the field when the nail is under the frame - determine the specific location of the teppanyaki countertop.

3. On-site measurement of the position of each of teppanyaki room (customized teppanyaki table after measurement).

4. According to the position of the teppanyaki grill table and the direction of the exhaust pipe, use the iron sheet to make the exhaust pipe (the general exhaust pipe size is 300mm X 300mm) - locate the exhaust pipe support frame (Note: Locations that conflict with the main fire protection pipe).

5. Seal the ports of the exhaust pipe - Connect to the terminal - Complete the exhaust duct operation.

6. Position the position of the teppanyaki table. When positioning the position of the teppanyaki table, consider the size of the table of the teppanyaki table, the space used by the operator and the seat space beside the teppanyaki table, and position the power position of the teppanyaki countertop (Note: The power position is determined when the wall is made to avoid damage to the wall later.).

7. Put the prepared teppanyaki table on the corresponding exhaust vent position - seal the connection between the exhaust vent and the iron slab - cooperate with the gas pipeline to connect the gas pipe interface - test the gas The sealing condition ensures that there is no gas leakage in the gas. (Note: When making the ceiling shape, first position the teppanyaki table, and put the line to make the ceiling shape perpendicular to the teppanyaki table)

Note: 1. Since the iron plate is generally 2m (length) X 1m (width). Therefore, when positioning the support frame, there should be one support frame per 1m.

2. This operation should be completed before the floor has been operated.


Determination Of The Direction of The Exhaust Vent Of The Teppanyaki Equipment


For specific smoke evacuation methods for Teppanyaki equipment, you can refer to this article - Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Exhaust Pipe Installation Method.

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