Daily Maintenance Method For Teppanyaki Equipment Structure

Is the oil spill really because the quality of the equipment is not good?

Some time ago, we received a consultation about the oil leakage of teppanyaki equipment. After a detailed understanding and online video conversation, we found that the reason for the oil leakage of the equipment is caused by the lack of attention to daily cleaning and maintenance.

Generally, the life of the teppanyaki table equipment is 10-20 years. If the maintenance is good, it is no problem to use it for 30 years. However, many merchants focus on the age of the device when purchasing the device, but ignore the maintenance and cleaning of the device during the use of the device.

Steaks, seafood, vegetables, etc. fried in teppanyaki are delicious, but the residual oil stains, seasonings, food residues, oil and water, etc., need to be cleaned and maintained immediately after use to ensure the use of teppanyaki equipment. life.

Common teppanyaki equipment includes: teppanyaki table, teppanyaki grill, electric teppanyaki grill table, gas teppanyaki grill table, lava rock grill, hibachi grill, hibachi table and more.


Teppanyaki Equipment


How do we maintain our teppanyaki equipment?

1. After the use of teppanyaki, first cut off the power supply, wait for the temperature to drop to 30-50 degrees Celsius, clean the table top, and dry the water and oil stains to keep the surface of the steel plate clean. (Can be cleaned with detergent or a few drops of lemon juice. If black material remains on the steel plate, do not use steel balls. First remove the surface stain with a shovel, then put some acid such as vinegar and soak for a few minutes, clean with a scouring pad.)

2. After cleaning, do not rush to cover the dust cloth, apply a little salad oil on the table top, and wipe it with a scouring pad to the brightness.

3. After wiping, apply a small amount of salad oil to the clean countertop. The purpose of this is to protect the countertop from scratches and damage.

4. The countertops are what we can see, and the cleaning and maintenance in places that are not visible can not be ignored!

5. Before going to work every day, clean the centrifugal oil net and oil spill box shown below.

6. It is forbidden to dump garbage, sewage, sewage and other debris into the flue of the stainless steel suction port to prevent the flue blockage.

7. Regularly check the electric heating or gas heating pipes to see if they are damaged by pests such as cockroaches to ensure the next use.

8. The air duct should be cleaned regularly to ensure the smooth flow of the air duct, which is also conducive to the production of food.


Teppanyaki equipment structure


Through the above simple summary of how to maintain the teppanyaki equipment, I hope to have some help. Here to remind everyone, to make delicious and healthy teppanyaki, equipment maintenance and cleaning is essential, only to ensure the good condition of the equipment, in order to make more delicious food, in order to retain customers!

For equipment construction and maintenance, you can refer to these two articles "Teppanyaki Grill Table Equipment Material & Routine Maintenance" and "Detailed Explanation Of Japanese Teppanyaki Equipment".


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