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The electromagnetic heating Teppanyaki equipment can heat to 180 degrees in 1-3 minutes, which greatly saves costs and increases customer return rates. If you want to customize and buy Teppanyaki equipment, go to GOOLINE Group.

1. Working principle: Heating by gas (coal gas, liquefied gas, natural gas) or using an aluminum heating plate to heat the iron plate to the working temperature. The gas switch or digital temperature controller controls the Teppanyaki temperature, and the air valve controls the air volume. .

2. Gas consumption: Gas: Coal gas: 2.92m3/Hr Liquefied gas: 0.98kg/Hr Natural gas: 1.2m3/Hr. Electric heating: Voltage: 380V Power: 6KW.

3. Teppan plate material: The iron plate is made of alloy steel. The iron plate has been heat treated and ground with a surface grinder. The thickness is 20mm. The material will not deform or discolor.

4. Exhaust air requirements: air volume 2250m3/Hr/unit, wind speed 12m/s. The air duct can be connected to the outside, depending on the specific situation. (Please refer to the schematic diagram of the air duct direction)



5. Internal structure:

A. Main heating system: Gas: The gas stove of the gas company is controlled by the gas switch to control the Teppanyaki temperature. The main heating range is 500mm×500mm.
B. Insulation system: The area outside the main heat is the insulation system. Its temperature is controlled below 100 degrees. It is humanized and designed to avoid safety hazards caused by curious customers touching the iron plate.
C. Fire prevention system: The function of preventing open flames from entering the exhaust duct and eliminating potential safety hazards caused by open flames.
D. Exhaust gas treatment system: allows the exhaust gas inside the equipment to be circulated and discharged normally.
E. Oil fume treatment system: The oil fume separation system inside the equipment can prevent the internal oil fume from entering the exhaust duct and dripping directly into the oil collection drawer.


6. The external decoration of the equipment can be decorated according to the interior decoration style and grade of your own store or made by our company. The decorative tabletop can be made of imported black gold sand marble or tempered glass (gold sand sprayed on the back), and ebony or black walnut wood for the outside.