Common Teppanyaki Sauce Practice Encyclopedia

The following are some common teppanyaki sauce practices:


Salmon Sauce

Ingredients: 200 grams of salmon bones.

Seasoning: 300 grams of sake, 100 grams of Japanese soy sauce, 10 grams of corn starch, and 80 grams of sugar cubes.

Production: Pour the sake into the pot, add the sugar cubes, add salmon bones and 4D soy sauce after it is completely melted, stir evenly, boil for half an hour on low heat, then add corn starch.


Cheese Sauce

Seasoning: 100 grams of cheese, 20 grams of cream, 500 grams of water, 2 grams of salt, 110 grams of light cream.

Production: Bring the water to a boil, chop the cheese and add it, stir until the cheese is completely dissolved in the water, add the cream and light cream, and mix well.


Potato Paste (Cod Sauce)

Ingredients: Ingredient A (300 grams of onions, 50 grams of chicken bones, 1 piece of chicken thigh, 2 kg of water), 30 grams of potatoes.

Seasoning: 5 grams of salt.

Production: Peel and wash onions and potatoes. Roast chicken bones in the oven until fragrant. Mix ingredients A and cook for 30 minutes, then turn off the low heat and cook for 30 minutes. After filtering and extracting the pure juice, add the potatoes and cook until they are soft and rotten into a paste. After leaving to cool, pour it into a juicer and smash it into mud.

Suitable for: Mainly served with teppanyaki cod dish dishes, dipping, so it is also known as cod sauce or potato sauce.


Black Pepper Sauce

Ingredients: 5 grams garlic, 6 grams red onion, 10 grams beef stuffing.

Seasoning: 20 grams of black pepper powder, 10 grams each of black vinegar and Meiji umami sauce, 5 grams of beef powder, 200 grams of beef bone soup, and 20 grams of salad oil.

Production: Finely chop garlic and shallot. Add salad oil to the clean pot, stir-fry the beef filling over low heat, then add garlic and red onion until fragrant. Then add the remaining seasonings and mix well, boil for 30 minutes after boiling.

Suitable for: Serving and dipping with teppanyaki steak or cutlet dishes.


Shrimp Paste With Garlic

Seasoning: 20 grams of garlic, parsley, red bell pepper, Meiji umami juice, peanut butter, 5 grams, 2 grams of refined salt, and 100 grams of salad oil (about 20 grams).

Production: Chopped garlic, parsley and color pepper. Put the pot on the heat, add salad oil, and when it is 50% hot, add the chopped garlic and fry it into golden yellow, remove and let cool. Add the chilled garlic to the Meiji umami sauce, peanut butter, and refined salt, mix thoroughly to taste, then add the chopped garlic and cilantro, and mix briefly.

Suitable for: Served with teppanyaki prawn dishes, dip.


Honey Mustard

Seasoning: 30 grams of yellow mustard sauce, 5 grams of mustard seeds, 4 grams of white pepper, 40 grams of honey, 50 grams of soy sauce, and 300 grams of salad dressing.

Production: Add the yellow mustard sauce, mustard seeds and white pepper to the salad dressing and mix thoroughly, then add soy sauce and honey and mix well.


Pumpkin Sauce

1. Saute onion, carrot and pumpkin with butter. When it is light yellow, add 100 grams of home-made broth and cook it.

2. Break the chilled 1 with a juicer, and use the salt, cheese powder, and seasoning powder to season the sweet and savory flavor. Let it cool and set aside.

The key to making: the time of cooking cod should not be too long to prevent aging. When making pumpkin sauce, the raw materials must be sautéed with butter.

Comments: Pumpkin sauce innovation is a feature, and meat and vegetables are reasonable.

Nutrition and Efficacy: Codfish is low in fat and high in protein; rich in amino acids and a variety of trace elements, the taste is fresh and tender. It has the functions of replenishing yin and strengthening the yin, strengthening bones and bones, fine skin, and beauty face; with the taste of fragrant pumpkin sauce More smooth and tender.


Honey Paste Sauce

1 teaspoon of soy sauce, 1 lemon, 6 spoons of honey, 200 grams of mayonnaise, 20 grams of French medium, 10 grams of crab seeds, lemon juice, mix well with other ingredients.


Foie Gras Caviar

Ingredients: 100 grams of French foie gras, 10 grams of Russian black sturgeon caviar.

Accessories: 1 slice of garlic bread, 1 watermelon ball, 1 dragon fruit ball, 1 cantaloupe ball. 1 small glass of fresh orange juice.

Seasoning: 2 grams of salt, a little black pepper.

Production method:

1. When the iron plate temperature is 160 °, put down the foie gras and add the seasoning; both sides are golden brown and cooked in eight or nine.

2. Fry the foie gras while frying the bread and arranging the side with fruit balls; place the fried foie gras on the slices of bread and garnish with caviar on the plate.

3. A glass of fresh orange juice is attached to the foie gras at the same time. After eating the foie gras is used to clear the mouth and remove greasy.

The key to making: do not put oil when frying the foie gras, especially pay attention to the temperature should not be too high, the taste is fragrant and smooth, the entrance is ‘melted’.

Comment: The art of serving Chinese and Western dishes is used for teppanyaki, and the products are new and pleasing.

Nutrition and Efficacy: It is rich in lecithin, a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, nutritional value: nourishing beauty and brain, lowering blood fat.


Common Teppanyaki Sauce Practice Encyclopedia