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Nowadays, Teppanyaki snacks have spread all over major cities, and restaurants and barbecue restaurants are popping up everywhere. Therefore, in addition to working hard on operation and management, the equipment cannot be changed. Good equipment can make the chef handy and happy. Makes food more delicious. Therefore, when purchasing Teppanyaki grill equipment, you must choose a regular-scale manufacturer; Cookeryaki is a Teppanyaki grill table manufacturer you can value, with reasonable prices, free design, and timely installation.



Device parameters:

Gas consumption: Coal gas: 9 calorific value 10000 Gas consumption 2.92m3 per hour; Liquefied gas: 9 calorific value 8500 Gas consumption 0.85kg per hour; Natural gas: 9 calorific value 10000 Gas consumption 1.2m3 per hour Electricity parameters: 380V/50HZ power The 7.5KW three-phase five-wire system is integrated, integrated, and requires no assembly or disassembly.

Iron plate material: The teppan plate countertop material is made of imported alloy steel with a thickness of 20mm. The material does not deform or discolor.

Each piece of equipment in the exhaust system needs to ensure an air volume of 2000m3/h. The air duct is connected to the outdoors and the direction is adapted to local conditions. If it is inconvenient to arrange the air duct on site, an oil fume purifier and a fan can be installed inside the equipment to replace the air duct. The purification rate can reach above 95.


A. Main heating system: Gas: 9-inch cast iron burner, the temperature of the teppanyaki is controlled by the gas switch. Electric heating: Electromagnetic aluminum plate and electromagnetic copper plate are used for heating. The temperature of the Teppanyaki is controlled by an automatic microcomputer thermostat. It has fast heating and good constant temperature effect. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and low-carbon, and is simple and safe to operate.

B. Insulation system: The area outside the main heat is the insulation system. Its temperature is controlled below 100 degrees. It is humanized and designed to avoid safety hazards caused by curious customers touching the iron table.

C. Suction protection system: Prevent small food materials from being sucked into the equipment from the air suction port, causing the food to rot and produce odor.

D. Fire-proof valve system: It has the function of preventing open flames from entering the exhaust duct and eliminating potential safety hazards caused by open flames.

E. Exhaust gas treatment system: allows the exhaust gas inside the equipment to be circulated and discharged normally.

F. Dual oil fume treatment system: The equipment has its own filter and oil collection drawer to prevent a large amount of oil from entering the pipe and dripping directly into the oil collection drawer.

G. (Patented) water purification, water cooling, water circulation system; through high pressure, low dryness, water pump circulation, and water transport filtration, the temperature of oil fumes is cooled and fresh natural air is discharged.

H. (Patented) oil fume purifier system; it uses high-voltage electrostatic and plasma nanotechnology and has been certified by environmental protection to purify oil fume with an efficiency of up to 95% and a voltage of 220V/750W.

L. (Patented) ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization system; using 2-pole tubes imported from South Korea, ultraviolet ozone, sterilization, and disinfection. The air outlet exhaust is more environmentally friendly and hygienic. The voltage is 220V and the power is 20w.

M. (patented) electromagnetic movement; using electromagnetic movement imported from Germany and Japanese electrical components, microcomputer control, full CNC operation, automatic constant temperature, and fully automatic control. Independent electric box, one-touch opening, 150-200 degrees in 3 minutes, voltage 380v and power 12kw.


If you are still hesitating, come and have a look at the factory. The spacious factory building and sturdy and durable equipment will dispel your doubts.