Dish washer-SSD-75L(J) Conveyor Belt Series

For restaurants, canteens kitchen utensils recycled.With supporting the use of the dishwasher.Simple operation, environmental protection, health and labor savi

 For restaurants, canteens kitchen utensils recycled.With supporting the use of the dishwasher.Simple operation, environmental protection, health and labor saving


Product Description

O National Standard 201# Thousands δ=10.15mm stainless steel materals, mported AMADA CNC laser cutting machine is expected to open,

import AMADA CNC bending machine bending forming, so that the accuray of the product to achieve 1‰.Imported food grade chain piece not only wear durable and stretchable super, 

plus the underlying fender protection, what really makes this product,aesthetic and practical co-exist

O Assembled or welding production process, not only increases the Smart subective choice, more easy to transport.
O Hidden sewage recycling function, not only beautiful and practical more scientifc and rationa truly dirty and clean separation
O Design spray mist flushing system, not only to make the product can"tried to stay"better stay away from bacterial sources
O Torque protection system to prevent falling to a chain or loading cutlery cutlery overloaded, causing damage to the equipment.
Performance Characteristic
O This product is designed for the high-end office and research and development from canteens and other places, not only can effectively reduce the workforce, giving a more upscale, health, practical modern atmosphere;
O This product is made of all material provisions are in line with national food grade stp conveyor sutable for at tray 420*300mm


Technical Parameters
Equipment Model                                   SSD-75L                                       SSD-75L(J)
Dimensionsmm                               4000*520*915                                4000*500°915
Product QowerkW                          0.75kW/380V                                 0.75kW/380V
Transmission Capacity(Plates/h)             1120-4000                                     1120-4000
Motor Speed Ratio                                1:10                                               1:10
Transmission Speed                           Stepless speed regulation              Stepless speed regulation
The conveyor belt per revolution slowest takes 2 minutes and 22 seconds, the fastest 1 minute 31 second to 450mm size fast-food stray,for example, the yaw hour wash the 1120 dish slowest, the fastest wash the 4013 dish
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