What Is The Price Of Japanese Teppanyaki Grill Table

The configuration of a teppanyaki equipment determines its price. The better the configuration, the higher the price. These can be determined by the buyer to determine the teppanyaki equipment configuration you need. So what is the price of a teppanyaki? You can choose from the configuration below.


First, whether hibachi grill table is equipped with a fan. Regardless of the style of teppanyaki equipment, we must first discharge the fumes, so the fan is an essential accessory for teppanyaki equipment, just like buying a mobile phone with a power supply, otherwise it is different from buying a mobile phone toy.


Second, the heat source equipment. The heat source is divided into three categories: gas, electric heat and electromagnetic. The price of gas is the cheapest, followed by electric heating, the most expensive is electromagnetic.


Third, whether indoor hibachi table includes the price of the decorative part.


Fourth, whether japanese teppanyaki table contains a soot electrostatic filter. This thing is relatively expensive, but the effect is not like the legendary magic. You can choose to purchase if the economic conditions and environmental requirements are relatively high.


Fifth, whether the packaging fee of restaurant hibachi table is calculated separately.


Sixth, whether the installation cost is included or whether it is to be counted separately.


schematic diagram of teppanyaki decomposition