Teppanyaki Table Grill Manufacturer

COOKERYAKI© . is a leading supplier of stainless steel teppanyaki table grill for application in hotels, restaurants and catering companies. It is our goal to become your long-term business partner, and we offer after sales support and warranty. Further, we continually test our products to ensure maximum reliability, and offer preventive maintenance options to minimize down time in your operations. We have a line-up of professionals who are highly trained and experienced to understand customers’ requirements. Call us today!

Cleaning The Teppanyaki Table Grill

To clean polished steel surface use teppanyaki table grill stone or screen. Rinse with potable water to remove excess. Put a light coating of oil on the polished steel surface to prevent rusting.

The surface of the teppanyaki table grill is very durable and with proper care, following the procedures below, will last many years.

A sample of Keating Klenzer and a 4" (102mm) scraper are included with each new teppanyaki table grill.

1. Scrape Teppanyaki surfac.

2. Clean with potable tap water and a palmetto brush.

3. Polish surface with USDA certified. Rinse with potable water to remove excess.